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  • Powerful Heating, High Yield: This commercial popcorn machine boasts 850W of power and an 8 oz kettle, popping up to 48 cups of popcorn per batch (around 384 oz) and keeping up with the demand of your busy concession stand. NOW that is a lot of popcorn. It takes only a few minutes to preheat the kettle. Then the hot popcorn will flow as quickly as your customers can eat it up. Get ready to keep sports fans, festival-goers, and party guests content with plenty of popcorn to go around.
  • Simple Operation, Lasting Warm: 3 fantastic switches control the whole unit: Warmer, Stirrer, and Pot Heater. Simplified control streamlines the operation, making it easy for any staff member to use. The warming deck features a 60W heating tube underneath. Once the popcorn machine begins cooking, finished popcorn will fall to the warming deck and stay fresh until you're ready to serve. Besides, the 60W warmer light brightly illuminates your popcorn. Let them shine and catch the eyes of everyone!
  • Durable Structure, Effortless Cleaning: This countertop popcorn machine comprises a cold rolled steel frame and tempered glass panels to withstand frequent use. The doors with magnetic latch provides quick access and enhances the appearance of the popcorn inside. The printed graphics on its top may also catch some hungry stares. Besides, the wing nuts on the kettle allow you to detach its lid easily and clean its interior thoroughly. Hassle-free cleaning will extend the machine's service life.
  • Designed with Your Comfort in Mind: Every component of the popcorn machine feels like second nature! Once the warming deck begins to fill, simply open the hinged cover below, then the popcorn will be right there, ready to be scooped! The removable crumb tray serves to keep the chamber clean and free from stray kernels. Collecting and disposing of fallen kernels has never been easier!
  • Accessories That Rock: This tabletop popcorn maker machine includes a popcorn scoop for filling your popcorn cups, and two spoons for measuring corn and oil. You are going to have such a great time creating delicious flavors. All these parts are made of food-grade materials. Complete accessories make operation a breeze right out of the box. It's time to enjoy bucket after bucket of fresh popcorn!

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