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This jumping castle from Outsunny provides a thrilling immersion of water play and bouncing. From making a basketball game out of the trampoline zone, and letting kids practice aim, to enjoying a water cannon that enhances the pool excitement, this kids play house lets friends and siblings go wild and burn some energy. The climbing wall up to the slide adds healthy exercise, building not only strength but the confidence of reaching the top and the joy of riding down to a splash.

  • Water Play: The inflatable water slide in this multi-activity play house lets kids ride down to a splash zone in the pool where a water cannon offers a classic and lovable favorite. It is big enough to accommodate 4 children aged 3-8 at the same time.
  • Sports Lovers & Strength-Building: A basketball hoop allows a bouncing sports game where kids can practice aim and jump high to get slam dunks. A climbing wall up to the slide enables little ones to build strength and enjoy the confidence of reaching the top.
  • 2 Min Inflation: Fast inflation takes only 2 min to save you time and energy on a day off. A high-quality inflator is included.
  • Strong Materials: Thick high-density oxford fabric offers material strength and weather protection. With ground stakes, we make this inflatable water slide secure from the wind.
  • Storage & Portability: Save room in storage and bring the excitement whenever, wherever with a convenient travel bag.

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