Id #163299 Rokid AR Joy Pack AR Glasses, Android TV Smart Glasses with 360" Micro-OLED Display, Google Play, Media Streaming



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  • The world's First Streaming & Gaming AR glasses, bridge the gap with the future through AR glasses and streaming box, carry a world of big-screen movies and games wherever you wander.
  • Full-ecosystem access with Android TV 12 and HDCP support, provide millions of movies/TV episodes from Hulu, Disney+, Peacock, and Apps from Google play, you’ll never run out of contents.
  • 360" OLED display at 75g of weight, unlock more fun than TV, projector and monitor. Best alternative for cinephile or gamer.
  • TüV Rheinland Eye Comfort-certified and offer a 0.00D to -6.00D dioptor adjustment, no corrective lenses required.
  • Plug and play to enjoy the limitless entertainment, not to mention the extensive connectivity enabled by USB-C, HDMI adapter or wireless adapter.

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