Id #85442 Oura Gen3 Smart Ring, Silver Finish (Size 10)

Oura Gen3 Smart Ring, Silver Finish (Size 10)
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Meet the most innovative, stylish wearable on the market. Your Oura Ring tracks over 20 biometric signals, all from your finger.


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Product Details

Long Battery Life

Up to 7 days of battery means you can track your health 24/7 without charging every night.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Oura's research-grade sensors track it all: temperature-trends, heart rate, daily activity and recovery, sleep quality, menstrual cycles, even stress.

Built to Last

Oura Ring is made of titanium: super strong, non-allergenic, lighter than the average wedding band.

Always Wearable

Water resistant and tough enough to withstand altitude, heat, and cold, Oura tracks your biometrics wherever adventure takes you.

Your Oura Sleep Score (1-100) tells you how well you sleep every night. Your score is based on how long you spent in each sleep stage and your body signals like temperature and heart rate. You can tell if a specific activity, like a late coffee, can affect the quality of your rest.

Oura tracks your sleep quality and sleep stages with research-grade sensors. You'll see if you're getting enough deep sleep, REM sleep, and light sleep every night, and you'll know how to improve it. Our accuracy is comparable to gold standard sleep lab testing.

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